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Au Naturel (Test Batch) | UNscented | Handcrafted Soap (4 oz)

When we tested our latest formula we couldn't have been happier with the results. We cut smaller bars to hand out to testers for opinions and had some leftover. We're making them available to you at a huge discount. Each box comes with (2) two (approximately) 2 oz bars.

Au Naturel | Unscented | Handcrafted soap (4 oz)

A mild and luxurious formula with no added scent.

Elementary Watson | Bergamot, Cinnamon | Handcrafted Soap (4 oz)

This scent reminds us of something Sherlock Holmes would keep in his shower. Plus the anti-bacterial properties of both bergamot and cinnamon would make this an obvious choice for him to wash up between visiting crime scenes.

Hey Baby | Baby Powder | Handcrafted Soap

We can't think of another way to describe this soap other than soft. Imagine what it would be like floating in the clouds with one of those baby angels from the toilet paper ads, that's what we imagine with this subtly scented bar.

Joosyfruit | Blackberry, Vanilla | Handcrafted Soap

We never could quite place the flavor of our favorite gum in the yellow pack when we were kids, but it must have been blackberry and vanilla because this natural soap fragrance takes us back there immediately.

Just Relax | Lavender | Handcrafted Soap (4 oz)

The stresses of the day got you wound up tight huh? Just relax with this luxurious cold process soap blended with organic lavender essential oil.  

Le’mone Gras | Lemongrass | Handcrafted Soap

We love this scent so much it's officially become a staple, aromatic lemongrass, in our latest cold process soap formula. We genuinely believe this is one of the finest soaps you can find.

Non-Stop Flight | Lemongrass, Eucalyptus | Handcrafted Soap (4 oz)

Looks like a flight from the home of lemongrass (South Africa) to the home of eucalyptus (Australia) is a whopping 13 hours plus, but we'd be happy to sit through it.

Quarantine Care Pack

Just what you need to get you through quarantine. Scrub away those germs with your choice of any one of our handcrafted soaps, and also keep those hands nourished and crack-free with your choice of any one (1) .60 size jar of our signature Skin Food.

Stolen | Lemongrass, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Cinnamon, Clove | Handcrafted Soap (4 oz)

We started making this soap, which is loaded with a blend of antibacterial essential oils, for our training partners at our Jiu-jitsu school and it quickly became our signature formula. We took the oils from the famous 4 Thieves legend and kicked up their germ fighting factor even higher with tea tree oil. Truly one of the most luxurious and effective soaps available anywhere.

The Loneliest Monk | Nag Champa | Handcrafted Soap

The sweet and earthy scent of everyone's favorite incense Nag Champa, subtly infused into a bar of soap that will leave you chanting "ohmmmm" when you finish your shower.

The Soap From Ipanema | Orange-Lemon, Mango-Grapefruit | Handcrafted Soap (4 oz)

They say "necessity is the mother of invention" and it certainly worked out with this batch of soap. We didn't have enough of two of our natural fragrances left for a full batch, so we combined them together and came up with one we happen to love more than either of them on their own! This delightfully fruity orange-lemon-mango-grapefruit blend has us feeling the smooth vibe of the tropics.