I was researching ways to remove the harmful chemicals from our daily routines when I came across the traditional skin care super-food, tallow...

Hey there, I’m Tommy Sandelier and those two beauties are my daughters Braelyn Rose and Luna Pearl (Lulu). Our health is so important to me and one day I heard something that just made sense, “Why would you put something on your skin that you wouldn’t eat?”

After finding a traditional recipe, we made some tallow balm and all agreed our skin was the healthiest we could ever remember it being. I shared the second batch with friends & family and they all said the same. We had something really special on our hands… and faces, and bodies. Since tallow is made up of basically the same stuff that our skin is, it feeds your skin the nutrients it needs instead of just layering on top like conventional moisturizers. We call it Skin Food.

I’d been looking for ways to help provide for the girls all they deserve and I wanted to involve them so that they could learn real life success principles along the way. I tried many different things and nothing felt right until this. I knew this was it, so we launched Lulurose Skin Care!

We source from local holistically managed farms and render the tallow ourselves with care. We then handcraft every batch of all-natural ingredients into luxurious products that nourish your skin.